Nagaur Fort

Nagaur Fort is a prime tourist attraction located in the Nagaur city. It is a beautiful sandy fortress built in the 2nd century. This is the best flat land fort of Rajasthan and is famous for its high walls and huge campus. The Nagavansh is constructed this fort and later on, it was renovated by Mohammed Bahlim.

Deepak Mahal

Deepak Mahal is a beautiful palace located in Nagaur and is a place of tourist attraction. The walls of this palace are decorated with unique floral designs. Deepak Mahal is a venue of music during Nagaur music festival. All the niches meant for lamps are lighted up and atmosphere with music makes a remarkable experience.

Hadi Rani Mahal

Hadi Rani Mahal is one of the superb piece of architechture of Rajasthan. The walls and ceilings of this palace are adorned with antique carvings and scriptures. Beautiful collection of mural paintings, which depict the Queen Hadi Rani with her numerous attendants are still there inside the palace.

Jain Temple

Jain Glass Temple of Nagaur is situated behind the Kamla Tower. This whole temple is made of glass, and it is a unique shrine among all the Jain temples. Tourists can see the attractive glass works inside the temple.

Sai ji ka Tanka

Saiji ka Tanka, another tourist place of Nagaur is also known for the Samadhi of the saint, Shri Saiji Maharaj.This place is visited by large numbers of devotees who come to offer their prayers to the saint.

Veer Teja Tempale

Veer Teja or Tejaji was legendary Rajasthani folk hero. He is considered one of the major eleven incarnations of Lord Shiva and worshipped as a deity in rural Rajasthan. Tejaji's legend is that of a young man, striving for respect and recognition.